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International moving services
International moving services

International relocation carry greater responsibility and require more complex logistics than local or national transfers. In addition to the operational aspects, it is necessary to comply with a set of legal requirements so that your belongings cross borders safely and satisfactorily. Therefore, having the advice of qualified professionals with experience in managing international relocation is an excellent way to avoid complications and facilitate your change of residence.

LLM offers an extensive network of international collaborators covering the five continents and a long history of international relocation. With more than 450 professionals at your service LLM has the technical and human means to transport your belongings to your international destination by air, land and sea.

You will be able to see how the LLM team packs your things, disassembles your furniture and puts everything back in its place in your new home, thanks to the comprehensive international relocation service. You will not have to worry about the legal aspects of the transfer: both the relevant insurance contracts and customs declarations are the responsibility of LLM

International moving services - International Relocation Solutions

We have the collaboration of the most effective world correspondents, carefully selected to carry out the necessary packaging or unpacking services in a suitable way and with the highest quality.

Land, sea, air, combined services from Spain or from any other place in the world - even between third countries - are always carried out with exclusive treatment, 365 days a year. In addition, the increase in international traffic with Europe has allowed us to establish weekly routes with the countries of the European Union, and even establish our own headquarters in some of the most important European capitals, such as Brussels, Coimbra, Lisbon, London, Paris, Moscow, etc.

The process in an international transfer is very similar to that carried out in national removals: prior technical inspection to review all the details of the removals, preparation of dates, budget according to the particularities of the transfer, international profesional packing reservation and collection at home of origin, transport by truck, ship or air to the country of destination and unpacking in the new home, in such a way that all the terms contemplated in the contract signed by the client are finalized and the new home is ready to be inhabited.

International Moving services As a leader in the mobility industry and international furniture movers, we operate everywhere in the world. With 46 years experience and an extensive network of 142 locations across 96 countries, LLM International Movers offers personalised innovative moving services for individuals and businesses.

We are one of the best moving abroad companies, International Office Moves.

We provide removal for any kind of industry, moving furniture overseas, giving you international moving and storage. LLM has become a trusted partner for numerous organisations, moving their businesses internationally.

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Looking for extra secure storage space? With almost 200,000 m3 storage capacity worldwide, LLM provides secure and flexible solutions for short or long-term storage.

LLM has in its facilities warehouses and furniture repository properly conditioned for custody and storage of all kinds of furniture and fixtures, computer equipment, document files, automobiles, machinery and merchandise in general.

The premises of our furniture storage company are protected with special fences, guarded 24 hours a day by security agents, provided with a fire protection system and a permanent hygiene control is carried out in the facilities that minimizes possible risks by eliminating polluting agents.

In addition, we have specialized personnel in the organization, management, and control of warehouses, in such a way that the client can always have precise information on the deposited stock.

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In office removals, planning is very important so that the operations of the client company are not interrupted.

Based on the data provided by the technical inspection prior to the service of the office removal, a Director Logistics Plan is prepared that defines the technical treatment of each of the objects to be moved, the most convenient dates for the client company, the time of realization and the provision of necessary technical and human resources for each move.

All this regardless of the magnitude of the move to be made, since LLM can carry out everything from complete building transfers to small office relocation, and even internal movements between offices of official organizations or transport to other types of business premises or facilities such as industrial warehouses in the suburbs of cities or large companies that need to make a large international corporate moving to another continent, etc. Any request from a corporate client will be immediately evaluated to prepare the project of your planning.

Once the budget is accepted, the transfer is made according to said Plan, avoiding any type of inconvenience in the work operations of the client company.

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Our unmatched expertise is integrated in a network operated by skilled international specialists who offer tailor-made solutions to meet corporate clients’ specific needs. As a dynamic company, LLM always strives to deliver innovative solutions to all kind of organisations and businesses.

LLM has the resources and skills to advise and provide tailor-made solutions for companies’ specific needs, in compliance with their internal mobility policy. We give companies total control over their relocation budget, facilitate the transfer process and strictly adhere to deadlines.

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