international relocation service

international relocation service

international relocation service

Quality & Satisfación

We are the top movers global. international moving companies expert whit a high standard of performance and adhere to strict terms and procedures to provide the best quality of your international moving services.

Security & Reliability

We advise and are committed to offer our clients competitive rates while maintaining the best quality standards in our international moving and adhering to compliance policies.

Flexibility & Advice

We advise our clients on the various options available to move their furniture, vehicle transport, professional packing and secure storage in all the world, offering high quality services at competitive prices.

Cutting-edge solutions

We integrate technology in each of our core services (quotes, tracking, deliveries etc.) to ease and facilitate all of our operations.

international relocation service
international relocation service

International Moves

international relocation service.

The best solution, the comprehensive moving service of LLM.
This whole process would not be possible without a global approach dedicated to international removals. This is possible thanks to our experience and thanks to dividing it into small complementary tasks between them.

International movers and storage services

  • Meeting in which your needs will be determined and that will crystallize in the preparation of a detailed budget.
  • Disassembly and assembly of all the furniture that is necessary both at the place of origin and at the place of destination.
  • Packing and unpacking of all your belongings, equipment or documentation using special protection systems for the most fragile belongings.
  • Use of the most current and safest means of transport to carry out the move by land, sea or air.
  • Processing of the corresponding insurance, which covers any type of eventuality that may arise during the move.
  • Furniture storage service at the destination so you can easily process your residence or premises while belongings are safely stored.
  • Detailed monitoring of where the move is.

International movers service - international relocation service


At LLM we know that moving an office to new facilities can be quite a costly process both in time and money. Hence, over the years we have designed a service that offers exceptional value for money.

What is the objective of our office removal service?

At LLM we carry out the relocation of offices based on two fundamental pillars that are what allow us to provide you with a high degree of satisfaction.

  1. Time is a non-negotiable factor for us. We are aware that a company cannot stop its production due to a move. Hence, we do everything possible so that it does not dilate in time more than necessary.
  2. Everything has to be in the destination as it was in the origin. For this, we put at your disposal a great team of professionals, who have the knowledge and the necessary material so that everything is to your liking.

What does this comprehensive service include?

In search of making the move not a traumatic process, we have created a comprehensive solution that includes the following services, which are intended to cover all the needs you may have.

  • Packaging of all the elements that the office contains, making use of protection systems for those most sensitive objects such as computers, printers or any other type of industrial machinery.
  • Comprehensive transport of both the contents of the office as well as the furniture using the most suitable means of transport.
  • Special transport for files and sensitive documentation.
  • Assembly at destination of all the furniture that has been moved
  • Management of an insurance that covers possible eventualities that may occur at any time of the move, both at the level of furniture, belongings or documentation.

international movers storage

Looking for extra secure storage space? With almost 200,000 m3 storage capacity worldwide, LLM provides secure and flexible solutions for short or long-term storage. We take great care of your belongings in our modern and ultra-safe storage warehouses.

What does our comprehensive furniture storage service include?

The ultimate goal is that you don't have to worry about finding a location for your belongings until your new home or new office is ready. So until that moment comes, we take care of absolutely everything.

Transfer to and from the furniture repository

You don't have to worry about a thing. Your belongings will arrive in perfect condition to the furniture repository that we have determined. This, of course, will be the most convenient according to your needs, trying by all means to offer extraordinary value for money.

Once your belongings are safely stored, you only have to tell us the date that we can move them to the destination. That will be the moment in which we transport them without it causing a disorder for you.

In other words, we take care of everything that has to do with the transfer of your belongings as another part of the move.

We choose the furniture repository you need

When we talk about storing certain belongings in a furniture repository, it is not simply about leaving certain objects in a small warehouse. What it is about, and that we take care of in LLM, is to offer a furniture repository that is adjusted to what you need.

To do this, our team of professionals will search until you find the furniture repository that has the perfect dimensions and conditioning. Thanks to this search process your belongings will not suffer any damage since they will have enough space and environmental conditions so that the most fragile, as well as the sensitive documentation you may have, do not deteriorate as a result, for example, of the lack of light or the presence of moisture.

All your belongings will be insured

This is one of the biggest concerns you have when using a furniture repository. However, in order to provide you with peace of mind and to dedicate your time and attention to more important matters, at Mudanzas Grande we manage comprehensive insurance that will cover any damage that occurs in said location due to an unforeseen condition or, even, until the presence of insects.

We also guarantee that the furniture repository will be guarded 24 hours a day to minimize the risk of any abnormal situation occurring.

Our international moving Services

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Our unmatched expertise is integrated in a network operated by skilled international specialists who offer tailor-made solutions to meet corporate clients’ specific needs. As a dynamic company, LLM always strives to deliver innovative solutions to all kind of organisations and businesses.

LLM has the resources and skills to advise and provide tailor-made solutions for companies’ specific needs, in compliance with their internal mobility policy. We give companies total control over their relocation budget, facilitate the transfer process and strictly adhere to deadlines.

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